Solution topuzzle 10779


1Support, then abandon the setting (8)

5Pursued two points in a north-central African state (6)

10Daughter in the protection of core group (5)

11Destroyer of gang, loner, will go far (4-5)

12A course for horses in competition, say (9)

13Remove wrinkles unknown in sarcasm (5)

14Pieces of land that could be British for one (5)

16Henry, with no weapon outside, is safe and sound (8)

18The atmosphere that a manic bee spoilt (8)

20Setter backs study on German port city (5)

24What many doctors may not do nowadays (5)

25Flight attendants we can crib about (5,4)

27Piece of furniture in a team list (4,5)

28Journey beginning to exasperate? Rubbish (5)

29The urge to soak teacher in a river (6)

30A Scrooge holding to a sprayer (8)


1Rum served in a Cuba car distributor’s (7)

2It is added to a testament by a detective losing royalty in spring (7)

3Resided in a district with reduced water source (5)

4A lubricator that California designed, one far out (6)

6Old British fighter in a violent storm (9)

7Well-lit space for a boy, did you say? (7)

8Such a girl as to invite the attention of a deer? (3-4)

9Eating something light, losing calorie and moving sinuously (7)

15One who watches and protects a deviant (9)

17Bit of rock in undiluted drink (3,4)

18A daughter competed, received a bit of shock and was given counsel (7)

19Waits to receive directions in addition (7)

21One given to fibs held up by society editor goes off the track (7)

22Novel, unknown listener on the 1st January (3,4)

23Worthless article replaces top of the thing (6)

26A part of an insect but certainly not stomach (5)