Solution to puzzle 10778


1Waste some heads and reveal the secret (5,3,5)

10Is dieting so bad for assimilation? (9)

11For the prosecutor, honour and a country home (5)

12It is possible to preserve pieces of dill and oregano (3,2)

13Eight-limbed creature, small, extremely naughty in film (9)

14In grammar, is it a levy on reported wrongdoing? (6)

16Place in Karnataka where lawyers take one penny (5)

19Inspire one master, depressed, having lost 50 (5)

20Sudden attack on vehicle parked in a medieval hospital (6)

25Directors prepared for chess, say (5,4)

26A solution, new in a white, soft cheese (5)

27Sign up, put down name in reversed knowledge (5)

28A craze for bones is so unusual (9)

29Sambar with idli! (13)


2One with no religion at home, independent violinist (8)

3The long rope, behold, to catch a donkey (5)

4Support for a journey with party backing (6)

5A German saint, a German physicist (8)

6Large maps done afresh to show a layer of the cell (9)

7A circuit in the house — nothing could be more pleasant (6)

8Prepares for publication about hundred proclamations (6)

9Woodland god posed on turned up track (5)

15Creature that is amoral, idle, dissipated without energy (9)

17It spins around the body in gyrations (4-4)

18An inspection, one about a voice test (8)

21Using a garden tool, can he go in dancing? (6)

22Ibsen heroine, not good but more proficient (5)

23School course for a master with little time curtailed (6)

24An enzyme that provides vigour at home (6)

26Broom kept in a tube some times (5)