Solution topuzzle 10775


1More confusion in my recollection (6)

4Antelope drank beer bottoms up before approval (6)

9Smile at the endless routine (4)

10Gainful for the expert to be doubly strong (10)

11Snow giant on a lazy walk (6)

12Considering replacing the wasted ruler (8)

13Those crazy should apply lime all over and get fit (9)

15Excavates the dead police officer with a spade (4)

16Sleeps, turns for a stretch (4)

17Power & freedom are commonplace (9)

21Chart men designed for the tradesman (8)

22Potion that priest had eleven rounds for starters (6)

24Rebels in rush take over the book society (10)

25You return the money for the portion (4)

26Mother possibly true & sensible (6)

27Evaluate the fools’ first sample (6)


1Great Indian chariot fighter expresses no surprise at the language (7)

2Chap ordered to fetch a fruit (5)

3Irritates the public prosecutor inside, creates waves (7)

5Draw out the insurers in the return tie (6)

6Expel the learner with outside support before schedule (9)

7King Albert’s conclusions read on the first day of the month (7)

8Deliberating about organising a new secretary in, dismissing the rookie (13)

14Census initiated by chief nobleman (9)

16Severe doubt about the bone (7)

18Believers for bar burglaries? (7)

19Cow barns in disrepair ? Organise after sending out a press release first (7)

20Jeopardy in dancer leaving college for a girl (6)

23Acclimatise to the trendy old city in the Orient (5)