Solution topuzzle 10773


1Sensible clothing exposed priest’s cassock (7)

5Son checks real progress (7)

9Paint girl’s state of mind (9)

10Old hat for old man to cover pate? Old man’s lost (5)

11A quick look involved danger (6)

12Oil gent applied for freckle (7)

14Divine, frightening, heart-rending (4)

15Can’t be used in musical production, ballet? Odd (10)

19Essays from very old university absorbed by objective listeners (10)

20Liberal radical in charge (4)

22Fancy chess player having a drink close to endgame (7)

25Screamed out for a conclusion of war in the midst of bloodshed (sic) (6)

27Return a mug and sponge (5)

28Careless touch also leads to destruction (9)

29Civil War champs awfully keen to settle in state to the west (7)

30Church boy attached to glazed pottery (7)


1Drink, it’s served around on demand (4)

2One acted heroically, not highlighted for special mention? (9)

3Underlying intentions become old and ambiguous (6)

4Translate, parse, note contrived language (9)

5Pressure on currency, in retrospect, is a hazard (5)

6Soldiers not carrying credentials sent back everyday (8)

7Naked children artistically model in northerly Indian state with rising appeal (5)

8Wireless measuring instrument, device to detect radiation (10)

13Telepathy maybe to break ice with friend in particular (10)

16Cup finally attached to a bra coil fashioned like a cone (9)

17Subjected to grilling, hostile, without hint (9)

18Frivolous teasing becomes unpleasant in time (8)

21Package upward bound contains royal note (6)

23Maniac or neurotic, somewhat fruity nutcase (5)

24Typical quality exhibited by those with character forging ahead (5)

26Floor temperature controlled by day (4)