Solution topuzzle 10771


1Area surrounding Delaware’s state capital (10)

6Appeal to press (4)

10Opposed for an extended period of time, disappointed (4-5)

11Dissatisfaction of European Union over lost ground (5)

12Right-handed reserve makes it into grand final in the end (7)

13Complaint from Polish appellants mainly (7)

14New word in some lingo — weird (9)

16I am 22 and need it to survive (5)

18A delicacy from his U.S. cook (5)

20Bridge team’s idea essentially working (9)

23I passed through Rhone! A tourist attraction in the Mediterranean (7)

26Metal ring — the protection for broken limb (7)

27Desire to run (5)

28Floored by England’s Last Queen — nearly rapt with wonder (9)

29Primary metal (4)

30All affected ones fighting for a place — unfortunate (3-7)


1Boy in trouble — a hero (7)

2Noticeable misprint: No.10 for 5 — lousy (9)

3Hell no, come to a conclusion before anything else (7)

4Former husband’s in jail, incarcerated, gets good beating (9)

5Drink’s pesticide residue content (5)

7Of the eye? Not it — about /of the kidney (5)

8Grave statement (7)

9Where crashes happen in the ocean! (6)

15Of 2 mean and smart fighters (3-2-4)

17Attack on a brutal city (4,5)

18Rustled up a pastry (7)

19Police menace keeping killers hidden (6)

21Precise — arranged evenly in nuclear plant (7)

22Required, say, to be squeezed (7)

24There it is, Virginia’s fuel stock (5)

25Scare a friend over phone (5)