Solution topuzzle 10770


1Belt firm and hollow rod to provide support for a window (4,4)

5Birds that snare very cunningly (6)

9Move smoothly to rhythmic Indian beat, nearly played back in excess (8)

10Part names providing revolutionary slogan (6)

12Notes charges (5)

13They advise the head of church, principal head of state (9)

14Burning a short jacket (6)

16They box bowlers without a trace of kindness (7)

19Western gunmen overawe lads (7)

21Rigorous imprisonment at New York prison, in part for mutiny (6)

23Spice on one meat slice (9)

25Influence of NRA, perhaps? (5)

26Worry about flipping line of work (6)

27Emails on dispersing hard particles of wheat (8)

28Peter & Paul, say, are not surrounded by bodyguards (6)

29Sprinkling of holy water to dispel presages (8)


1Thickset, small and portly model swaps companion (6)

2Pommel wretched dacoit at first with the French weapon (9)

3Army officer trusts extremely young recruits (5)

4About time one partially clears the network (7)

6A basic confusion about American moth (9)

7Surplus forex trading contained (5)

8Watering holes around royal English street, most sporadic (8)

11Support for first president (4)

15A manner of speaking, intended with no trace of ambiguity, for expiation (9)

17Conferring a title of German Bishop on Lenin by mistake (9)

18Institute engineer selects chipping tools (8)

20Call to scatter auditor’s footwear (4)

21Pirates from Austria protected by legislative amendments (7)

22Avoid ring road (6)

24Average one follows Sabbath in this Indian community (5)

25Movable toilets deployable at last (5)