Solution topuzzle 10769


1Represent auditor’s instrument (6)

4Greeting one with a sausage (6)

9A kitty backs an antelope? (4)

10Following on, lower order precedes former English captain who lost toss first (10)

11Concert of single boy (6)

12Insult led to island being detached (8)

13Iron sign used to indicate shelf location … (9)

15… to store holy man’s remains (5)

16Free couple with revolutionary sex appeal … (5)

18… housed with liquor in bed (9)

22Ridiculer with an eye for a musician (8)

23Antelopes found in New York, unfortunately (6)

25Checked out toilet with fly partly intact, partly open (6,4)

26Has Oscar winner Anne lost out? (4)

27Decapitate orients gruesomely with a tuck (6)

28Chap caught beheading grandmother (6)


1Medical examiner backed choice of singer (7)

2Disfigures, beheads upset Algonquian for dollar (5)

3The opposite of Cleopatra’s lover, Mark (7)

5Oscar winning movie about safely evacuated merchant ships (6)

6Worker at North Pole travels to the South Pole (9)

7Cop dances in set lights (7)

8Schools where dark inners get soiled (13)

14Jackets for Bob in Arkansas without any new seams initially (3,6)

17Malayali old boy in an African city (7)

19Show resentment when harassed, uncared-for, not fed (7)

20Just take it out of the empty library (7)

21Fragment left when fantasy heroine divorces Fitzgerald, the singer (6)

24She’s in an anaemic state (5)