Solution topuzzle 10767


1Old chair reassembled in a club (7)

5Properly made tie-ups have nothing in a sorry state (7)

9Bring together a group of nuns with no time and energy (7)

10Dab with dots and spots finally before drink (7)

11Dry firmament has a hint of rain (5)

12Ten photos snapped at once (2-3-4)

13Princess captivated by nameless foreign Casanovas (6,3)

15Overlook abridged copy (5)

16Scholars returned sappers’ weapon (5)

18Musicians able to make come-back in street (5,4)

21Harmless crush on cousin consumed you in the end (9)

24Fancy English used in short theatrical piece (5)

25Come before difficult red tape (7)

26Old criminal I met in person (3-4)

27Native American vessel caught in torrential rain (7)

28Gives up on places without any water (7)


1Charge and bill us in California (7)

2Collected little money on date (7)

3Gas neatly sprayed around church before start of service (9)

4Firm about communist belief (5)

5Perhaps brought over by angsty teens (4,5)

6Boring ceremony followed the conclusion of feast (5)

7Theoretically ahead of article (2,5)

8Cover a dish, eat healthy bites (7)

14Badly manage one’s exotic grove in Minnesota (9)

15Plump groom’s formal suit (4,5)

16Lose one’s balance through a piece of footwear (7)

17Crazy king involved in foolish mistakes (7)

19An innkeeper takes out hot egg for a studio (7)

20Say disrespectful things about men’s extraordinary lack of intelligence (7)

22Fur on a beast (5)

23A weapon brought up many fights (5)