Solution topuzzle 10763


1Early records of his involvement in survey of politicians (4,9)

10Eccentric route (5)

11I made mistake entering services training establishments (9)

12It helps one keep safe distance from a wild porbeagle (9)

13First send in extra signal (5)

14The three from Spain initially took the French support (7)

16Tramp mostly returned by rail (7)

18Girl provides cover for a creepy-crawly (7)

20Hardy hits back at Brown (7)

22Strict usage would cover any such attack (5)

24Puts back to see if anagrammed puzzles (9)

26Endured no disfigurement being somewhat rare (9)

27A team with everyone (mostly) forming an alliance (5)

28The yacht silently moves in a man-made way (13)


2Goddess treats one differently (7)

3…..and others without the French men are essential (9)

4Preliminary investigation done about hospitals outside the state (5)

5Goes after a drink as they go in to the brew (3,6)

6When drink has taken hold of the fellow, discharge (5)

7Consider it reasonable to include a part of Africa (7)

8What some soldiers get to fight weariness (6,7)

9To be firm, lessens rate of change (6,7)

15The instrument gives a doctor freedom after final examination (9)

17Gold and silver metal processing in the country (9)

19Only difference about the boy, in particular (7)

21Half a dozen, in case it is of no consequence (7)

23Fish for Jack perhaps (5)

25Note when anger is misdirected, they often carry many issues (5)