Solution topuzzle 10761


1Like reviving a small glossy (6)

4Herb was in the team as Obama ran the race for presidency (8)

9Love and relationship consumed by drug (6)

10Sound surprised that an Indian city lost a charity (8)

12Combine internal medicine over a sweet (8)

13A state in the northeast with an Indian delicacy (6)

15Schools there transform a fashion conscious person (7-5)

18Theatre gossip heard by the audience but not the cast (5,7)

21Getting on with egg in a scrambled form (6)

22Makes sweatier so to speak (2,2,4)

24Scholar almost paralysed in the notorious jail (8)

25Porter would loft over cover (6)

26Representative left in a river opening (8)

27Combines divisions around a point (6)


1Drunk chose ale, but could hardly tie his own….. (8)

2A number to sing in a charged state (8)

3However it won’t alter high status (15)

5Just a lake (4)

6Kremlin puts list out for a fairy tale character (15)

7Country’s firm refusal to include republican (6)

8Said to be feed time when in prime (6)

11Study the indication and then commit (7)

14A question about the girl remains….it is nonsense (7)

16Part of the shoe torn by the blow (8)

17Forestalls a mere disturbance between pressure points (3-5)

19Dressed for a B grade version (6)

20Animal bearing a stand (6)

23Initially stopped, later allowed to strip (4)