Solution to puzzle 10757


1Fabric from an Indian region for the auditor (8)

5Got ready to ride without the leader and became confused (6)

9I groan in confusion over tally by the simpleton (9)

11Kind of stitch with a glossy fabric (5)

12Back off into China briefly to get a fabric (7)

14Fleet I’d employed to smuggle gets a sea water surge in the direction of the wind (3,4)

15Opposition to inquiry into Robin’s Muscat accommodation (12)

17Solemn declaration by aviators seen in disguise (12)

20Indian industrialist pockets note on iron and fabric (7)

22Cook cuts short retirement and edges away to see the religious recluse (7)

23Analyse clips after the Oriental moves further away (5)

24Lady entertaining the Spanish in Florida provided some storage information (5,4)

26Denmark frames article on advanced graduates with fabric (6)

27First course? (8)


1Determine the energy expended by one in grip (6)

2Peacekeepers’ armour boxed in a ship with the automobile shades (3,6)

3Vishnu avatar upset by blemish (3)

4No representation for zero here (5,8)

6Sweet rascal’s missing son got a drink for the final course (7,4)

7Club with a partially flat hierarchy (5)

8Daughter getting rid of the Frenchman’s barn container is a risk (6)

10Absent female’s strange penance (4-9)

13Does this make you see things from an aquatic animal’s perspective? (7,4)

16Fragile sieve isn’t defective (9)

18First step taken under pressure is downright foolish (6)

19Rest in the corner (6)

2125 Dn., northbound Greek character gets to the meeting place (5)

25In favour of the number on the radio (3)