Solution topuzzle 10755


1Part of plane furiously fuels anger no end (8)

5Financial fellow is almost unperturbed (6)

10Travels free to sing with abandon (7)

11The Hun loses foot as he lands in New York in a stylish way (7)

12One church to grab provider of cold comfort (3,3)

13Soldier to order nothing (8)

15Reportedly recognises part of plane (4)

16Priest’s joy in Biblical book (10)

18I’d all peace spread out in Utopia (5,5)

20U.S. astronaut loses foot in valley (4)

23Essential multinational passing over Indian city having no head (8)

24Insect, female, not small, swallowing insect (6)

26Mountain lake is first of highlights to lose lustre (7)

27Shun the ancestor lacking energy (7)

28Passes for groups of workmen? (6)

29Somewhat nosy about extremely nifty manuscript having words of a feather (8)


1Clergyman from outside is an important diplomat (7,8)

2Dane’s capsized ship is cause of crying (7)

3Straight line I approach (6)

4Blast energy out of visitor (4)

6Hitman is disguised as a foreign national (8)

7Greek character not for red wine (7)

8What one would do to stop an ongoing war (3,4,4,4)

9Disrespectfulness in maintaining no silence (9)

14Beau’s companion having terribly achy heart complaint (9)

17Terrorist organisation’s man stalking the Italian in a vexatious manner (8)

19Charm from unearthly, limitless comic (7)

21Drawing in a little lustre as a bit of painting peels off “Earthenware” (7)

22Head set? (6)

25Touchy master quitting is doubtful (4)