Solution topuzzle 10754


1Presupposed PRO will go out to bring about accelerations (5-3)

5Drunkard coming back to drink is an even chance (4-2)

9Rare book-binding in African nation (7)

10Ban hollering around Chandigarh, say (4,3)

11Not properly made up resulting in node (5,4)

12Strongly encourage one leading goon after another in time (3,2)

13Confine Oriental lady (4)

14Trendy car might well afford permission to get in! (5,4)

17Stop dirty bather with a ‘Hey!’ at last! (3,3,3)

19Precious start too small (4)

23Dull subject unfinished (5)

24Describing a lady-in-waiting? (9)

25Analyse girl’s faith group (7)

26To make a list, Tim, I see, is reordering (7)

27Woman admitting latitude in New York in a fair way (6)

28The manner in which you go towards hospital rooms? (8)


1A person of importance joined certain organisation (8)

2Mad role played out in a domain (7)

3Bad guy put up extremely tiny left finger (6)

4Judgement from expert replacing article in declaration (13)

6Wealth of cruel couple adopting extreme exploitation (8)

7Parasite hesitant following small computer game (7)

8Green coating of one in Bihar capital (6)

10What All Fools’ Day pranksters conduct when they throw ink on victims (5,8)

15Late dispersal around this place is heavenly (8)

16Light accomplishment by that woman unknown (8)

18Performer’s attires refashioned (7)

20West Indian journalist has listener fagged out (7)

21Muse lazily about director-general’s blot (6)

22Plan remains asa such after engineer makes way for academician (6)