Solution to puzzle 10752


1Assistant – one giving you a portion of food ? (7,4)

9Ranga goes crackers over a man’s first wordplay (7)

10A foreign soldier at the gallery causes ruffle (7)

11Mostly detest ruffian horse (5)

12Tardy ? Late ? Rather more recent (6-3)

13Vessel emerges after a change of rota (5)

15Icon Pearl etched in China (9)

18Venue where a lot of foot tapping to music is made (5,4)

21Oil extract in city centre for baby’s illness (5)

22Bill, returning to French city, on to trappings (9)

24Bondages to big cat reported (5)

26Nails the army officer with the French money in India (7)

27In limitless Hampi ruins endless test on ancient two-handled jar (7)

28Greeting one citizen in tale having proven existence in the past (11)


1Hasten Dad to rejig an upside down yogic posture (4,5)

2A number to pave the way for renting contract (5)

3Throw light on one registered judge holding up help (9)

4Girl simply discarded pinafore (7)

5Electrical fitment girl at port installed (7)

6Doctor, I have energy (5)

7As grasped by one on the stairs (8)

8Ultimately Guv chose our tapestry too (4)

14One lifts it to open a can of beer, say (4,4)

16Peculiarity has Red Indian going out, felling trees of a kind (9)

17Essential never to entertain break without right (9)

19Helps fool to sit properly on edge of sofa (7)

20Yearn to have a try at a tale starter (4,3)

22Company about to get narcotic shrub (4)

23Come to the limit of border, everyone (5)

25One fellow turning over ring to girl (5)