Solution topuzzle 10750


1On the computer, it is a barricade backed by a daily (9)

5They partner conditions in sales promotion (5)

8Ornament for a feature, one for a digit (4,4)

9He covers roofs with a bit of seal after some time (6)

11It makes music in the hands of a Cuban joker (5)

12An aid in diagnosis and to break open codes (9)

13Footballer’s objective interrupted by beginnings of lethargy and boredom — that is universal (6)

14Living in trees — a tiresome thing accepted by backward girl (8)

16Lady Greg dressed in an unkempt way (8)

18Organic fuel for which bachelors receive government backing (6)

22Full failure in a curved coastline makes a gory spectacle (9)

23Young man, one carried by graceful bird (5)

24Reveal peacekeeper’s tress (6)

25Standard bearer? (8)

26Waste matter in bone contained by healers (5)

27Divert a lateral railway line (9)


1Talkative chap with mouth turned up to air (7)

2Soviet scientist who mystified unknown elks, no kidding (7)

3Southern coffee planters agitated by one’s property (8,7)

4Provide exactly what is desired by mischievous Peter, the German (6)

5It brings the sniper’s target closer (10,5)

6Squalid accommodation has a part to play around that endless confusion (7)

7Bizarre URLs are suspect (7)

10Love a party with British engineers (5)

15Serious poem about a member caught in hollow ecstasy (5)

16Spring back from an insecure boundary (7)

17International sign supports girl astronomer of the past (7)

19A large orange, tip cut off, processed into breakfast food (7)

20Big star to decorate part of a yacht (3,4)

21Dependable good man, strange idol (6)