Solution topuzzle 10749


1Do it just the way as does a traveller, behind time, with one cent! (9)

5Two-fold, like a pair giving up company for a bit of dogma (5)

8Mattress that a bride designed (6)

9By-product of a cricket side’s cry (8)

11Love to write? Start! (4)

12The part ten men played in a deception to catch a wrongdoer (10)

14Cosmetic for the skin — sound right? (5)

15Braggarts with foul stogies (7)

16Domed building, fat, beginning to age (7)

17Part of a long poem in a Mexican tome (5)

19Record player in an Indian village, old, with communication device (10)

20Run with elan (4)

22Magazine editor absorbed the nourishment (8)

23Fighting — there is even a day for it! (6)

24Attacked by a bull, one might turn bloody (5)

25Merchant who labels dart the wrong way (9)


1The justification for a note on a child (6)

2Totally unknown person but an ideal forester accommodating good man (7,8)

3Got chilled in an arctic edifice (4)

4Fizzy nerve gas effect unravelled after removing gallium (12)

5Belie the hopes of detective officers on a pressure spot (10)

6Prim aloofness is overcome by the competence of those highly trained and disciplined (15)

7Properties found, say, between two points (7)

10Intrusion into an enclosure by pest tailed by people with time (12)

13Gold’s lacking finish all around? Not recommended (10)

16Gas grid ordered by old Danish parliament (7)

18Old Japanese governor who would reportedly display shooter (6)

21That man holds very big water tube (4)