Solution topuzzle 10744


1An argument about a river flowing around a club (6)

4Perhaps flying towards the North (8)

10Angry worker consumes a roll (9)

11News you finally sift to pick threads (5)

12Every second around Aryan god (5)

13Cup with cocain mixed drink (9)

14Measure the limit of sound (7)

16Unit is somewhat slow at times (4)

19A quick move to suppress soldiers from mutiny (4)

21Infantile language spoken when the king knocks off the unknown (7)

24A measure for Liberal Quebecer constituents (9)

25Scientist’s woman wearing filleted topaz (5)

26Warning for a mermaid (5)

27Can pigeon recollect a sorrowful state? (9)

28Halts purchases around America (8)

29Ed’s cry to brew beverages (6)


1Conventions of polite behaviour, style and spirit seen along the South (8)

2Woman to drastically reduce timber producer (8)

3Ready to lose a pound over a measure (5)

5Tool maybe cast by hand (4,3)

6Short nut traced correctly (9)

7An iron press in other words (6)

8A scientist is running after a merman (6)

9Pressure to lift up secretions (6)

15Persuasive speech to replace a series’s top two spots with a rating (9)

17Animation shown by deputy taking in cereal (8)

18Awful shrew, I encountered, snoring in the centrifuges (8)

20Part with Rip? I’d rather fly! (7)

21Perhaps absolute knowledge about Jacob’s son who lacked energy (6)

22Belittles a scurvy scoundrel at first (6)

23Did this ambitious flier go too far? (6)

25Gas escaping from poultry farm unit (5)