Solution topuzzle 10743


1Country, one in danger possibly (7)

5Sound of sea waves and thunders (7)

9Lying in pain since recently (9)

10Very detailed attack (5)

11Played with a kid from Germany and came on top (7)

12Indulge in cereal — ever — bananas included (7)

13Flew an aircraft and evaluated after end of battle (9)

15 & 17 dn.Wicked entertainment with crazy hot lady in a room (5,7)

17Slave of mankind? (5)

19Pass Section 1 with least fuss (9)

22A place to live, fish, eat and ultimately go unwind (7)

25Examine a poem written in Old English (7)

26One, a friend, going west to a place in the Middle East (5)

27Oliver’s primary blog containing directions for making an Italian sauce (9)

28Cart drawn in the other direction by male farm employee (7)

29Sounds right one time? Three times! (3-1-3)


1What does the cook use to make scones? Grand secret (7)

2Ultimate condition (9)

3Revoke a party’s main circular (7)

4Article located somehow based on recollection (9)

5Formal statement from Sacred Oath (5)

6Lay a friend you found in chat room initially! (7)

7Speed, as seen in the wild (5)

8Infatuated senator embraced Romney (7)

14Trouble with necklace — it’s tight fitting (3,6)

16Investigation of corrupt statesmen (5,4)

17See 15 ac.

18Condition to store Titanium and Uranium’s isotope (7)

20Trick’s to ignore, say (7)

21The wildest — no introduction needed for this mountain (7)

23Keep out spoiled bread (5)

24Goan born in poor African country (5)