Solution to puzzle 10741


1In favour of writing? Or disallowing it? (11)

9Mary Jane, Lincoln receive lake water fit for drinking (7)

10Horse, one to note shrub (6)

11Grouch about to throw (5)

12Poisonous colour I would point to (7)

15Understanding is between you and me (4)

16First, man reverses throttle of car here (10)

18Student to start off appeasement lawsuit (10)

20Devastating bombs decapitated gangs (4)

23It could be a high or low meal (7)

24Beat the spirit endlessly (5)

26Bum following a revolutionary slogan? (6)

27Chap has tailless fish definitely (7)

28Characterless princes don’t rebel (11)


2Obscene Italian patriot lacking some gaiety (6)

3Looks the same either way (4)

4Prank grandmother, from start to finish, at a zoo (10)

5Flowers, for instance, in bonsai arrangements (8)

6Roving Scandinavian mother ousted king (7)

7One is attached to an umbilical cord when on this (9)

8Sweden boasts of strong ales (6)

13Shows sapient mom in bad light (10)

14Horse skid disoriented carriages (9)

17A holy book had Edward unnerved (8)

19Accoutre Molokai by contributing quiver (7)

21Abominable when Melanie leaves musical (6)

22Admits that he has headless pup (4,2)

25Regular gaffe of artist overturned from a distance (4)