Solution to puzzle 10740


5Shrink back in horror from hazardous nucleus of recombinant E.coli (6)

6Defer to formally dressed doctor? (6)

9She might particularly insist it’s 7, not 10, following pretentiously erudite and dogmatic forerunners (6)

10Rising Internet fraud squashed chance for Fieldwork, perhaps! (8)

11Initially you encountered a strange creature, then I, another (4)

12Person acting instead of 7 or better (10)

13Top worker designed shirt-tails with corduroy border (11)

18How best to stop using Thanksgiving dinner leftovers? (4,6)

21Anti-imperialist submariner from the East delivers a warning (4)

22Of one’s own volition or having been ordered by one Parisian (8)

23Killer whale almost camouflaged bloomer (6)

24Send back captured terrorist leader (6)

25Cell bars restrain setter (6)


1Nerve condition developed after onset of pulmonary emphysema left capacities impaired (8)

2A strapping young lad might pack this (6)

3Came frenziedly, overcome by wild lust and sweet wine (8)

4Why I’m pug-nosed? Boxing challenge (6)

5Recommend casing Oriental joint (6)

7To rent, she might have an intent (6)

8Business of making the bodies disappear? (11)

14UN orders a whole new ball game (8)

15Something sensational that is yellow with a tinge of red (8)

16Cuckolded, wife given the boot, having slept around to acquire money essentially (6)

17Sequel idea features rising Italian functionary of yore (6)

19In extreme dismay, shed a tear, then weep, finally sentimental (6)

20The old staff at Buckingham Palace (6)