Solution to puzzle 10739


8Breakfast food said to be arranged in sequence (6)

9Articulate boy takes English in study (8)

10Left informer to capture one’s photograph (8)

11Syndicate’s vehicle allowed to return (6)

12Is concerned about getting a bit of sun stroke (6)

13Charm in girl’s way of writing letters (8)

14Of noses, say, noses treated by rhinoplasty at the edges (7)

16Deleting wrongful user after a period of time (7)

20Guess motorway makes an about-turn in landed property (8)

23Tool not in good condition, extremely loose (6)

25I’m about to get into group indulging in amusement (6)

26Earning ire, possibly when interrupting a light meal (8)

27Cut pears, ate bananas (8)

28Built a piano in a small building (6)


1Do up oven, eat stew with a bit of rhubarb (8)

2Kindly man left before the onset of evening (6)

3Fresh lens care soap? (8)

4Object to an expert quiz (7)

5Ungainly, huge AC repaired (6)

6Plain refusal to have recipe included in stuffing (2-6)

7Belittle a college official arresting an engineer (6)

15Sword … admitting it pierced a mark on the skin (8)

17Agitated the others to a smaller extent (8)

18Not worried about a cruel person going over to besiege England (8)

19Acrylic experts funnily have no time to include a drop of paint (7)

21Smooth southern port (6)

22Fleece an Asian (6)

24Find fault with a long bone (6)