Solution to puzzle 10737


1Talk about Abel’s strange story (7)

5Crabby musician who indulges in minor frauds? (7)

8University enthusiasts returning in confusion (5)

9Pink flower club has no right to follow head nurse in purity measure (9)

11Rusty like a retired doctor (3,2,8)

13Hurts thousand tangled threads (6)

16I cast aspersions on key resident? (8)

18What has poor Ali eaten to drive away his friends? (8)

19Perfume bottle company found in baked dish (6)

24What happy divers presumably do? (4,2,7)

26Top things disturbed cabaret (9)

27Ruler crossing the ocean (5)

28Unusual drill can be quite sharp and savoury (7)

29Not-so-ordinary, the taxi CEO ordered (7)


1Faint pout while embracing fool (4,3)

2Regarding player making a pile (7)

3Steep bank used by poker players? (5)

4Call for further acts in the theatre (6)

5In front actors predict (8)

6French law about French flower (5)

7Endless droning for a masterless samurai (5)

10Be unwell chasing a grand lady’s maid (7)

12Her love; his exploits are admired (4)

14Partly, such a lot indicates holiness (4)

15Liberate husband suitable for children with German (7)

17Call girl player with instrument (8)

20Greek character opposed to red wine (7)

21Zaire gingerly includes backward country (7)

22Flier twice set badly (6)

23Five hundred in a top-rank monetary unit (5)

24Craig rolled a smoke (5)

25Cool dwelling place for the convenience of the Inspector General (5)