Solution to puzzle 10736


9Leave a group of players playing (7)

10Ship’s crew immersed in work is no sin (7)

11Talk of mail distributed after a month (7)

12Country road ran helter skelter (7)

13Reduces fuel controls (9)

15Blue bordering American city greens (5)

16No time for an Indian meal except fish (7)

19Recount ran over the cost (7)

20Gun recoil is within regulation (5)

21Nurse will attack animal (5-4)

25Feed prepared by Alice OK? (3,4)

26Johnny-come-lately finds most of the place is below standard (7)

28Record grain storage by new letter (7)

29Things at standstill as initial position is same perhaps (7)


1Said to have stopped Italian gangster (6)

2Lip radius of a small plate (6)

3Afraid easily of intrusive thought (4)

4Somehow Melanie lost interest with all the gloss (6)

5Killer beasts at home (8)

6Metal like plate will spoil (4,6)

7All numbers (other than six and nine initially) could give some protection (8)

8Keep an eye, say on mould material (8)

14Comical banter with one having left a place of worship (10)

16Hanuman first let it get consecrated (8)

17Member gets drinks easily at first according to terms of law (8)

18Slight colouring can get in egg by accident (8)

22What an infant needs to sleep with family (6)

23Songs on South American port (6)

24Greek character will catch up and make it tight (6)

27Totally immersed in retrieving the lost part (4)