Solution to puzzle 10732


1Very beautiful shawls majorly embellish the queen of the Adriatic (6)

4Secretary assimilating lawyer’s poor handwriting (8)

9My boot could be rugged (6)

10 Inferno — a largely grim horror story (8)

12Upright individual in green state of USA (8)

13Hearts of smallest lives (6)

15It could be a delta output (4)

16Where Tiruchi’s fort was built in great difficulty (2,3,5)

19Car stops beside some watering holes (6,4)

20Darling’s gyratory dance move (4)

23Amateurs were incumbent on soldiers (6)

25Vehicle test needs alternatively, worker and driver (8)

27Mineral discharge in firm soil found to recede (8)

28Listen to unpolished lectures (6)

29A giant-killer, a con and a criminal (8)

30Aunt gets rid of skirts… and belt turns loose (6)


1Around western banks of Tapti, revive fresh grass (7)

2Novel narrated a fantastic miracle of numbers (9)

3Labourer uprising reported to misrepresent truth (6)

5Fibre band’s not hard (4)

6Unexpected rainy hour’s not over soon (2,1,5)

7A leaf-insect, so to say (5)

8Cringers heed rebukes (7)

11Aspirant of white collar employment, primarily (7)

14It is base to go behind half-chewed cigar (7)

17Hundred at a wreck on a new boat (9)

18Be involved in design of emoticon (4,4)

19A cult is disbanded in a Caribbean island (2,5)

21Sharp ointment, though not top-class, shows power at first (7)

22Degenerate shed (6)

24Australian river range seen to be withdrawing (5)

26Finally ghee is extracted from preserved dairy product (4)