Solution to puzzle 10731


9The art of speaking in a chapel (7)

10A spinning shot in tennis is hard to stop (7)

11Distinctive characteristic of a stethoscope (5)

12However crazy, Nancy is a sweetheart (2,3,4)

13Inelegant drawing of a rose (9)

14Caption contest (5)

15Weekend begins with pals? (7)

17Basic shapes minus for example rectangle (7)

19Advantages of pawn and queen endings in counterattack chess (5)

20One with good horse sense (9)

22Avoid travel (3,6)

24Young girl in novel turning on companion (5)

25Country fish receives mark of approval (7)

26Siren over time becomes reticent (7)


1Unable to appreciate music from jarring note/notes (4-4)

2Girl’s desire to enter rugby league (6)

3Those in rhythm and not? Oui (10)

4Serves as an example of sorts about providing unity (8)

5Car port around sideroad is rubbish (6)

6Kid is just over eight years tops (4)

7Rest said to spell doom (8)

8Say price to live on moon (6)

14Get involved in changes to tighten law (6,4)

16Stirring stand in the middle over time becomes a thorn in the flesh (8)

17Retail merchant’s deal accepted by creditor (8)

18See no good alternative in hand often for beef (8)

19Regret stealing 1000 $ pen (6)

20Tell tales covered in risque allegations (6)

21Seles perhaps was once aimless (6)

23Arctic explorer’s men northbound on ship (4)