Solution to puzzle 10730


1Lines separating border mostly (3,3)

5Lose a warehouse (6)

10At sea for the most part (2,3,4)

11Senor’s accent (5)

12Smashing of ulna not new in collision (5)

13Permits an artificial flavour for chewing gum (9)

14Free sample of press release (7)

16Stomach upset — bad sign (7)

18Calm constable took in account provided by one (7)

20In relation to 5 is a 6 second? (3-1-3)

21Confidential summit about to be held by group (3-6)

23Old country protected by Excalibur magic (5)

25Devoured a sheep reportedly (3,2)

26Unreasonably be so awful and get mad (4,1,4)

27Parting remark from copper on the phone (3,3)

28Put in order rejecting article that’s broken (6)


2Allowed to travel for free (3,2)

3Insect, let out, gets away in hurry (6,3)

4Go through relay knocking off miles (7)

5Plant a firearm near criminal (7)

6Half of firm to show opposition (5)

7King seen in Shakespeare trivia mainly (7,2)

8Supply Panama hats out in eastern Kiev city (13)

9Seem more taken by arrangement to die (4,4,5)

15Perhaps bow to kiss relative of Spooner (9)

17Console attorney getting second-hand jury (9)

19Reindeer vehicle, one dropping Santa regularly about (7)

20Dismiss from office? Veto (4,3)

22Vacant piece of unkempt yard (5)

24Way an ancestor expressed (5)