Solution to puzzle 10728


7Ron discarded incorrectly built bike for kids (8)

9Is the moon difficult to sight when here? (6)

10Progress in crazy movement? (10)

11Speaker’s rallied on the way (4)

12Work of the leaders of the Olympic players under suspension (4)

13Informal meal with my German-Chinese dish (4,4)

16Gaudily dress up Ben after hiding Diana’s last letter to Edward (7)

18Enlist a novice (7)

20Oriental excited by exclamation of surprise at the retreat appearance shows high spirits (8)

21Indiscretion makes Henry replace the apprentice on the steamer (4)

23Vocally complained about the margin (4)

24Sea urchin found in a beach toy in Arkansas (4,6)

25Push the good man left in the shade (6)

26Large eel entertains the English coming back with a liquor constituent (8)


1Minister needs no introduction to incendiarism (5)

2Skills needed to transcribe caliph’s comments (15)

3Net raised with a desire to capture (7)

4The remaining part is the most important (4)

5Tried in the armed forces and let admiral free after chase (5-10)

6Couple of 50s thrown away by philatelist suffering from a liver disease (9)

8Start to go over and become angry (5)

14Run up debts after trouble with advancing the ball (3)

15Being destitute, engineer prunes internal promissory note (9)

17Mistake to be king for a long time (3)

19Flatbread given by the cheating revolutionary employed in a financial institution (7)

21Type of chair in a car (5)

22Truth without any embellishments? (5)

24Isle depot hides a North American snow vehicle (4)