Solution to puzzle 10726


1Disney film number for Italian child (7)

5Association almost let the fever catch on (6)

9One in terrible moan about prenatal test (5)

10Troubled dealer rotting in prison (4-5)

11Important gap in opening (7)

12Gulf state reported complaint (7)

13Poke tip of thong in crumbling dune (5)

14Remove entrance? (9)

16Run, we hear, to beat the storm (9)

19Vada doled out by one in a Chennai suburb (5)

21It makes sense if it’s a bridge manoeuvre (7)

23Marker back to flash spider fly (3,4)

24Military person to peruse piece of writing (9)

25Crag provided a bit of foothold to leaders of climbers’ league (5)

26Mix up all the French! (6)

27“Our sweetest songs are those that tell of __ thought” (Shelley) (7)


1Extremely angry — like a tarred man’s visage (5,2,3,4)

2Given a little time, needy turns well-off (7)

3Elemental variant in one’s love to physical exercise (7)

4Its members must play in unison (9)

5Cyril’s awful poem (5)

6Wears away a table’s sections (7)

7Suffer while transiting the subway? (7)

8Completely involved — no thinning there! (2,3,5,2,2)

15Embitters care-worn English writer (9)

17Turn-on I experience by bump (3,4)

18Bugs in groups (7)

19Medicine makes worker bitter (7)

20A north Indian business in dye chemical (7)

22Best girl out of murder (5)