Solution to puzzle 10720


1In unusual parlance, a cave can be a place for rocket shots (4,9)

10Girl, stranger, to press for metal in thin layers (5,4)

11Reportedly spotted and located (5)

12See, work by youth leader is crafty (5)

13A gear refit arranged for something that holds a source of heat (9)

14The way British sailors become up-to-date (6)

16Make petty objections to Victoria visiting U.S. sate (5)

19Play the guitar, as would a good man with spirit (5)

20Inciting the inclusion of drink in breakfast food (6)

25Royal creeper with a deadly bite (4,5)

26More depressed because energy is consumed in a haze (5)

27Hooked finger seen in a foetal onager (5)

28Russian money beginning to draw editor in is increased by 100 per cent (9)

29What disputants do to keep the peace when there is no common ground (5,2,6)


2Mass of tissue producing noise: dad needs treatment (8)

3Directions to attempt ingress (5)

4A physician provided with time is left to his own resources (6)

5Sailor girl, trainee, is not the usual (8)

6Relaxed – not necessarily only when on the way out! (9)

7Real performance by leaders in university alumni league (6)

8The refugee’s goal (6)

9Milk producer taking top off steering device (5)

15Unwillingness to talk about recent ice formation (9)

17One may get this if careless in exposure to big star (8)

18Artificial intelligence and cunning trap student in sharp peak of rock (8)

21Indian divine vehicle for Irish cop crossing university (6)

22A fish that takes beating (5)

23Disconnect the power of peacekeepers with a commercial (6)

24Came back to earth from an unusual and educative flight (6)

26Too honest to deceive! (5)