Solution topuzzle 10714


8So far, the red team, all at sea at this soccer stadium (7,2,6)

9Say, “Usain Bolt – King!” (8)

10Armstrong and his companions are a force in Rohan (6)

11Handicap score in golf, which is very rare (9)

12Stoned sports heroes? (5)

15Trick shot in tennis exhibited in between errant forehands (7)

17Lay off a volley, which is very easy (3,4)

19Holds the handle of an epee with a touch of safety (5)

20Bares fist agitatedly at a quarter of the way to home plate (5,4)

23Phelps’ action to add fuel to the fire surrounding the origin of racism (6)

25Mesh of heavy metal in a football field (8)

26To adhere to this, a cricketer must walk rather than sledge (6,2,3,4)


1Man, a priest for the most part at the Sistine, perhaps (6)

2Animal knotted with rope to obtain a fibre (6,4)

3Violent riots arose without a bit of stimulation in places of prayer (9)

4Supply wild rhinos to be taken outside Uruguay (7)

5Revere a revolutionary Judean king with no trace of haughtiness (5)

6Shape the beginnings of British Energy’s nuclear division (4)

7The Spanish student steps into a shadow for cover (8)

13Design a link for a structure that can be raised (10)

14Makers of firearms, comfortable in retrospect, without Wesson’s partner (9)

16Intercepts cable on upcoming dispute (8)

18Phone call not satisfactory? Hang Up! (4,3)

21Wild tale about the onset of malaria (6)

22Southpaw abandoned close to Bellary (5)

24Giant mineral deposit around the border of Gujarat (4)