Solution topuzzle 10713


1They ensure a clean slate — a white one for every quarter (6)

4Count, abandoning England, follows behind Charles the First (6)

9Rats! Deliverance days truncated! (4)

10Stirred fruit compotes after removing pips to make small confectionaries (5,5)

11The beau monde’s a black bunch (3,3)

12Marking register at Hotel Grand (8)

13When one was green and ate greens? (5,4)

15Reportedly fitting measure (4)

16Kanjira’s peculiarity: ringing sound (4)

17Period without bloodshed (9)

21Yesterday, Arcturus’ board-members okayed leading duos’ annual publication (8)

22The French players appeared before the Englishman’s home (6)

24Amateur traveller’s first crossing over the dateline’s intoxicating (10)

25Short high jumpers (4)

26Grown man? Not entirely true. It’s ambiguous (6)

27Suit up. Extreme batting change on the cards (6)


1Seek the favour of my Indian club in Sydney (7)

2Job openings for newspapers (5)

3Well-known queen to be appointed needs no introduction (7)

5Admission for exceptional pre-teens with no second thoughts (6)

6Most sturdy, solid retailer carries a bit of everything (9)

7Extraordinary rendition of St. Anger (7)

8Prying into other people’s affairs: what Edward VI had to do following switch after Henry’s end (13)

14Spongy kebabs or Bento boxes (9)

16Booze-guzzling, gossipy old woman drinking in one’s element (7)

18Look askance at pupil’s condition (7)

19A thousand head of buffalo annihilated? Rubbish! (7)

20Chopper regularly carried the European leaders (6)

23This might get strong returns (5)