Solution to puzzle 10712


1Governors apprehend old boy on Saturday (6)

4Creaky attics make noise (6)

9Award them for hollow mimicry (4)

10Man. Agent. Criminal (10)

11Wherein Lois sues her children (6)

12Leaving out prophet from Mumbai suburb (7)

13Suspect guard of some antics (9)

15Tears and delivers without hesitation (5)

16A headless noble priest (5)

18Surprisingly squats out in the present situation (6,3)

22Revolutionary king partly hovers over dramatist (7)

23Maiden found in Saddam’s elegies (6)

25Allure of plan created by intersecting lines, say (10)

26Scientist lacking one remedy (4)

27Holy man and the journalist become angry (3,3)

28Break into seafront that guards royal (6)


1Possibly meant as a greeting (7)

2Sailor lifted you from the backwater (5)

3Confused by artist’s source of inspiration in bed (7)

5Fight at home for meal (6)

6Nice tasks arising from sleaze (9)

7The honoured sang with women, initially for love (7)

8Change the ludicrous venality instead (13)

14Acquit former one of charge (9)

17Climbs with coin stowed in donkey (7)

19Child, at one time peculiar, left with hesitation (7)

20Excavate hut near ruins (7)

21Throws back to front to gather (6)

24Coffee or some more tea? (5)