Solution topuzzle 10711


7Making leader of Cuba to move ahead in showing response (8)

9Creature — new one held by west bound Tibetan Priest (6)

10A problem requiring investigation like in Central Excise (4)

11Give a ring to New Delhi — people there are happy to assist you (4,6)

12Part of house fully serviceable (6)

14One who lives in peninsula of peninsulas is a pure one perhaps (8)

15Fathers attempt to make baked food? (6)

16British measure dreaded by the Indian batsmen (6)

19Figure altering randomly (8)

21Quiet move to a higher position gets an expression of commendation (6)

23Ali before his name change had common city bird as target in trapshooting (4,6)

24Beach article in southern district (4)

25Discussion about what the first three debutants consumed (6)

26Lookouts make small insertions in a written record (8)


1Cherished desires revealed in 500 papers (6)

2A new driver in Georgia experiences strong wind (4)

3Roundabout but crucial manoeuvre before the end of war (8)

4A flying one may be a UFO (6)

5Funny looking ant and a pig making up the WWF symbol (5,5)

6Ram, going back to Rhode Island, has time for nuptial ceremony (8)

8Desperately longed to have something made from a precious metal (6)

13Is Chartered Accountant (extremely lazy) gripped by fright during the accounting period? (6,4)

15These type of lines seem to meet only at the vanishing point (8)

17Antagonist goes very soft on hospital department after the initial objection (8)

18Simple machines always found in Lok Sabha (6)

20Good learner, one with the German sailplane (6)

22Vocalist like the inventor of sewing machine (6)

24Categorise the gold held by saint (4)