Solution topuzzle 10710


6Principal’s resume redrafted with small change (7)

7A parent and sons come together (5)

9When bored, you might carry out this new method from the east (4)

10Pole feels wild encounter overturned morale (4-6)

11Decide against surprising Celeste after date (8)

13Artist reluctant to accept student in haste (6)

15European firm acquired by a good man (4)

17Bonded servant left in rescue (5)

18Air in Latin and in Hindi, first class (4)

19Hastings’ crowded area? (6)

20Model an outlandish male suit (8)

23Woman has gold vessel for every devotee (10)

26Pole’s nuts (4)

27Fear low grade mark in the beginning (5)

28Staff’s PC locations switched, it appears (7)


1Love to write landlord a communication of protest (4,6)

2One who rents excellent liner in general (6)

3Closely chase a contemptible person (4)

4Airy vehicle initially exported at no cost (8)

5Mediterranean country curtailed an alcohol beverage (4)

6A sudden outpouring, a quarrel, ending in divorce (5)

8One lists out characters in order (7)

12Captures revolutionary skill on an afterthought (5)

14Deadlock involving Bishop’s partner (10)

16Firm is packaging meat of pig and antelope (7)

17Guard lets in criminal without rent, essentially (8)

21Bit of tellurium or selenium (6)

22Start to soak in an art gallery’s flavour (5)

24Animal’s time in decline (4)

25Offer to act (4)