Solution topuzzle 10709


1, 19Book first transmission from a satellite about grounding of a bird (3,5,3,6)

5Billy Bunter’s a creature of the night (3,3)

10Foreigner with a right (5)

11Weaponry found when Royal Military Academy replaced part in apartments (9)

12Egotist loses heart but remains self-centred (6)

13Egg-whites made by aliens, without eye, say, surrounding vagrant (8)

15Back in Bruxelles, this place is a commuter town (5)

17A month earlier, National Aerospace Laboratories made an eight-sided figure (9)

19See 1 across

20A type of union seen in drug by-products (5)

21Cloth portrait made by eccentric novice artists (8)

23USAF flies this parrot around (6)

27They cool cars and heat rooms (9)

28A girl was out of place (5)

29Camouflaged by mafioso, other hoodlums placate (6)

30Another name for 22 dn: communications sans cables (8)


1English or Scottish aristocratic landholder’s suburb in Mumbai (5)

2Seeing one record after another, basically guess, the concluding words found in some books (9)

3Female relatives mince small tuna (5)

4Metal that is in the forefront (4)

6Gardener’s lawman who, in short, sounded like a denizen of a German city (9)

7Bounce, when opening bowler went out, a small quantity (5)

8Sally sets out food for a person with high BP (4,5)

9Distance travelled by Bob when cooking a plum diet (9)

14Busman who took out little crocodile donut (9)

15Repeat: “Malicious stuff is found in the gut” (9)

16Modify thought by an organ rinse (9)

18Spooner treated light knife for evening entertainment (9)

22Method of communication where a small advertisement is placed in Portuguese river (5)

24Not asleep after a death ceremony (5)

25Ornamental ceiling fittings look like flowers (5)

26Spore cells of fungi initially found at Administrative Staff College of India (4)