Solution topuzzle 10707


1An ideal landlord, exactly (6-7)

10See the fury of the river (5)

11Reportedly damages farm implement as it brings a vehicle to stop (5,4)

12Do some acrobatics to carry whiskey to the cad (9)

13Pictures of a large posterior (5)

14Love is a regular racket outside a country (7)

16Artist becomes new operatic hero (7)

18Openness in discussing traffic and our roads (7)

20Points on tin are made to catch (7)

22With us in India I would say it is sticky (5)

24Please cut off when one misappropriates (9)

26Home study on true version of the contract (9)

27Follow two points before you go for litigation (5)

28Book mark to allow correspondence (7,6)


2A witty line about English farm animals (7)

3Oriental art suits Ken Atwood (3,4,2)

4A law covering black money (5)

5Direction a girl follows signifies rank (9)

6Following year perhaps, for the Norse goddess (5)

7Live with the business outfit (7)

8One could sit here before departure (8,5)

9An European gets the same, probably the French disease (6,7)

15Dubious nature of ERP solution to transport (9)

17Scoffing about the very word ‘Bankrupt’ (9)

19For a detective a day’s over when on the move (7)

21A performer in part is tested beforehand (7)

23He gives something new during opening (5)

25Crown fish holder (5)