Solution to puzzle 10703


1Summarises engineers’ limitations (6)

4What you get with naive sympathy? (5,3)

9Can splits deter a guy initially during courtship? (6)

10Depressed practitioner’s working for a long time (4,4)

12Fantastic sea view encompasses fifty fish (8)

13Account with tax entry (6)

15Cure dirty linen (4)

16Research on chocolate causing absent-mindedness (5,5)

19Sensational warning for Beckham? (6,4)

20Reports say ranks took up arms (4)

23Not quite a colour-blind individual (6)

25Girl’s left out request for falafel ingredient (8)

27Dream on wildly about love that’s abandoned (8)

28Evacuated vehicle with two lives in distress (6)

29Ancient Israeli lifeboat (5,3)

30Hushed voices from champion teams (6)


1Bureaucracy not just limited to communist states (3,4)

2Car halted around St. Paul’s? (9)

3Least significant digit? (6)

5Some members of revolutionary cartel irritate and annoy (4)

6Leaderless Congress, before start of campaign, is absorbed in a trying task (8)

7Tire of poet regularly coming up with cliche (5)

8Discharge from any stem transplant (7)

11Support CD broke into pieces (7)

14Black opponents of yore are heavily disheartened (7)

17Free of rivalry, popes undo conversion (9)

18Criticisms elevate excellent snaps (8)

19A railway worker or a police officer in London? (7)

21Slips by as sleep fades away (7)

22Money from unpleasant chores (6)

24This is about Indian government being terminated before conclusion (5)

26Fruit peel, say (4)