Solution topuzzle 10700


7Rewrote annotations after temperature drops in a Texan city (3,7)

9Rip apart the band on the radio (4)

10Factory belt? (8)

11Watches for the listener finding the connection between stories? (6)

12Mask of coldness shifts from one bridge player to another (5)

13A contract clause to employ aluminium in the coaster design (9)

14Judge in North Carolina leaves with recommendation (7)

17Dance number by darlings in retreat (3-4)

20Animated representation of triglyphs (9)

22Former school dentist’s selection (5)

25Steps to get the bachelor to move out with a membranous sac (6)

26Kind of hospital care that a South African region adopted for a long time (8)

27Pick up dart with force at the wrong place (4)

28Directed adaptation after account became official (10)


1English party workers (6)

2The Spanish confiscated your antiknock fluid (5)

3Make someone responsible for the hospital department’s decline (7)

4Somehow coax wins out of the helmsman (8)

5Fruit-filled pastries placed upside down by the army leader on the tables (6)

6Porcelain almost damaged in a ballet step (8)

8Proceed with the loan (7)

15What bold letters may be used to lay? (8)

16Late write up about a roll-call reply was exquisite (8)

18At sea, silly sailor admitted to making plans (7)

19Start off with a precious metal (metal that the Spanish ignored) for Lucifer (3,4)

21A salt’s fuss about the knotted tie outside (6)

23Be late due to being partially ecstatic (6)

24Braided ladies get victory over Mark (5)