Solution to puzzle 10697


1Almost support accommodating four around you in outdoor site (7)

5Weight put on by party leader in spring (6)

9Bharati unnerved with partial return of boredom (5)

10How a dwarf would appear ashamed? (4,5)

11Eli’s kid developed aversion (7)

12See fair, burgeoning flower (7)

13Simpleton from hotel in New York (5)

14Overlook? Having eyes, one shouldn’t… (4,2,3)

16Don’t take sides: rebel aunt’s raging (2,7)

19Source of guttural sounds from riotous Tuvalu after time’s lost (5)

21At first tipping lumber off cart (7)

23One such faux-pas will fluster a mountain climber (7)

24By no means a challenging task for a mountaineer (4,5)

25Show an old show from obscurer underground (5)

26Mount rollicking dances (6)

27Girl and page check said pair of pictures (7)


1Primary source of income for a baker? ((5,3,6)

2Removing the lid of oven, I and child get meat (7)

3This space is for storing household appliances or where the maid may work (7)

4Necessary is requested (6-3)

5Ultimately develop Thatcher’s place as validation (5)

6Type of hairdo that bares the forehead (7)

7Charles and sister form a body (7)

8Delighted by petitions journalist presented to a small magazine (7,2,5)

15Setter’s closing report on a degraded city (9)

17North-east semis turning out to be one’s downfall (7)

18UT cleric endlessly damaged part of the ear (7)

19Madly ran up street to loosen (7)

20All say lady is heartless (7)

22One captured by fat Scottish landlord (5)