Solution to puzzle 10696


1Hoping for the best, work! Tim is motivated at first (8)

550-50 chance to secret service in revolt (4-2)

9Mob rage over trade stoppage (7)

10Ball bearing? (7)

11Get hot — Reagan too may possibly do so! (2,2,1,4)

12Dazzle with a way-out puzzle (5)

13They could be even scraps (4)

14When you __ __ __ something, you see it for the first time (3,4,2)

17Makes uneven container in difficult situation (5,4)

19Restrain no keen beginner in hill-slope (4)

23Balances alternative

to 13 (5)

24If you __ __ __, you must live in it to make it a home (3,1,5)

25Naughty old boy noticed reportedly (7)

26Note Long Island worker showing confidence (7)

27Work diligently on the river. Very much! (6)

28Be ribald, going round as a make-up artist? (2-6)


1Rise above a level beyond destroyed grove (8)

2Label transformation of idol in sensational newspaper (7)

3Male tense in exam — like all of us (6)

4Where you can’t fume… (9,4)

6In a rush, Peron had left alone (8)

7Singer, therefore, belted out no rap (7)

8Boatman — one in the betting shop (6)

10A hat could be — or an electoral contest — without a fourth angle (5-8)

15Urges the man and learners to get thin porcelain (8)

16Device that will find lie, motion or metal (8)

18Steer across the diocese (7)

20Fruit of background conversation on the stage (7)

21Inferior support? (6)

22Pepper country, we hear (6)