Solution topuzzle 10695


1They are relatively close to each other (8)

6I’m laid back with two females — does this cause offence? (4)

9Lot in company is shoddy (6)

10E.g., Corel drawing of ancient painter (2,5)

13They are played again if losers’ requests are upheld (9)

14Doctor and I, by the way, are slightly wet (5)

15Study the first impression (4)

16Self-control? Teens in cab are all for it! (10)

19Teller puts money in it (or takes from it) (4,6)

21Love to drink on return from work (4)

24I wander back to a tribal (5)

25Foreign office party takes us back behind time (9)

26Ordinary guy’s double negative about woman (3-4)

27Take away the rating channel (6)

28Desi’s strange aspect (4)

29Woolgatherers in the fold are listeners after seconds (8)


2Popular and hard fellow following union that’s cruel (7)

3Fast to grab a circular building (4-2)

4Nothing novel will do for one with this fear (9)

5Vital stats for some glasses (5)

7Boy contracts half a deficiency of a European peninsula (7)

8Ten informers gathered to find those who live on the border (12)

11Playing recklessly (6)

12Foretells about last word in bad situations (12)

17“With that, you get this as well” business (3-2,4)

18Present note on worship (6)

20Indulged in courtship stirringly? (7)

22Old Hindi actor, one serving well, not a strutter (7)

23More rubicund, I abandoned the steering aid (6)

25Shortens farm yields (5)