Solution topuzzle 10694


1Primarily supported and moulded the French beachfront buildings (11)

9Not odd in angry fit to forget a payback (7)

10Green liquid I befoul by mixing (7)

11A learner has much to dole out (5)

12Lot gather slipshod in a slow movement (9)

13British newspaper not initially eager for a country (5)

15Serenade — daily, I, at 5, get a right one (9)

18Doubles teasing me badly (9)

21Box a revolutionary by the way? (5)

22Like Mr. Hardcastle’s ‘Liberty Hall´ (4,5)

24Miraculous cure by ultimate fakir to happen again (5)

26Related about Hoe spoiling initial advantage (7)

27Indian party briefly goes back to clubhouse before 1 for Italian dumplings (7)

28Weighing instrument for all seasons despite its name (6,5)


1Stare uncomfortably at monarch bolting stripped (9)

2Ocean-going boy follows collapse of van (5)

3Limit hardship faced by prisoner (9)

4Chella’s changing wood coating (7)

5Left a peninsula for a country in west Africa (7)

6Deadly sin that doesn’t require any effort (5)

7Fit illustration in a piece of luggage (8)

8Have a look around the South as well (4)

14Stifled journalist following a politician into den (8)

16Run up debts without interest (9)

17Somehow I enter ‘nil' as insert between rows of words (9)

19Outburst from revolutionary coming back after botched hunt (7)

20Good man (English) gets a French weapon (4,3)

22Charge around Thailand for big party (4)

23Fictional captain’s boxing blows (5)

25Two companies to get a drink (5)