Solution topuzzle 10693


1Inclination to write song (8)

5It’s hard to contact America (6)

9It rarely turns out to be scholarly (8)

10Rex leaves more distant dad (6)

12Tip-top? (4)

13Ominous why auction-participants bring money, apparently (10)

15They are neat (6)

17Dramatist begins liking garment presented in honour (5)

20Suppress Roman judge switching daughter and learner (5)

21Friend’s cap is colourless (6)

24Happening for all to see and join later (10)

27Pester a tribal (4)

29You may take a lace through it on your shoe (6)

30Single-track transportation (8)

31Meal for one who makes a noise for it? (6)

32Balloonist rotates wildly at end of arena (8)


1Supporting structure pair recreated around learners (6)

2Biscuit with cashew and almond for the British eccentric (6)

3Stock collection from that woman declared initially (4)

4The sort of agent who is not user-friendly? (5)

6Honour a tie-up (5)

7Dahl hid a make that is affectedly superior (3-2-3)

8Hoaxed no new leg-up in fight (8)

11Is able somehow to lower oneself from the mountainside (6)

14Leading female artists keenly endeavouring to simulate (4)

16Work in that high-class feature (3,3)

17Dig recalls useful suggestions (4)

18Churchman always in divide (8)

19One more is needed to make this a score (8)

22One container in another ready to be filled up? (6)

23Everything is in moist purse (6)

25Woman loses sex appeal in that place (5)

26General at large (5)

28Not me to clip duplicate toy (2-2)