Solution to puzzle 10691


1Ready-witted dear ones return to dance (9)

5Friend meets master in Spanish city (5)

8Turn attention to victory in corrupt trade (6)

9A wily learner, cop turns carver, losing name (8)

11Eat bone found in new hospital (4)

12Rebellion against sincere gun control (10)

14Butter-like stuff, a bit greasy, swallowed by evil spirit (5)

15Half male fell from faith and passed quietly (7)

16But this search for a criminal can cover women too (7)

17Board for a ‘spirited’ session by leaders in Oxford union in joyous interaction (5)

19Bizarre sundial, tho’ refurbished (10)

20Three players close to great South American city (4)

22Disputer turning more doltish (8)

23Maritime body covered in manuscript article – a plant (6)

24A name giving right of ownership (5)

25He draws up contracts for a troubled creditor – in verse! (9)


1Whimsical as one knight beginning to tire may be (6)

2Finance company has trendy reliance about ceremonial attire (10,5)

3Old actor Douglas in church (4)

4Describe a building where films are screened (7,5)

5Unemotional, stolid fresh help with business school test followed by one hundred (10)

6Undo that pigtail if one wishes to behave freely and without reserve (3,4,4,4)

7A feather-brain, he got mixed up with Adair (7)

10The borrower’s state (12)

13To shock and upset amateurs, it needs change (10)

16One most troubled at a time when a satellite goes down (7)

18Empty talk that could fill a balloon? (3,3)

21A port city among the places visited by Laski evidently (4)