Solution topuzzle 10690


1Would the noted coach lurk about all through night and day? (6,3,5)

8Meaningless commercial carries suggestion of blasphemy ? Almost certainly (6)

9Record player with eleven covering match in Middle-east republic (8)

11In readiness to help. Tony’s band is distracted (2,5-2)

12Estate owner in his den, close to Scotland (5)

13Artists return to eat fish (7)

15Laid back about deposit holder during the day (7)

17Gratification for British railway carrying rotten bride (7)

19Challenged by Teddy, reportedly lifeless (7)

21A sore is a bit of a painful certitude (5)

23They are hunted for sport, these willing fliers (4,5)

25Source of reading matter revealed when you reserve a weapon (4,4)

26Calm, dependable good man, getting on in years, has a bit of idiosyncrasy (6)

27A hat, say, created clumsily for an old movie (13,2,3,5)


1Un certain what to do, having had a reverse in business ? (2,1,4)

2Expert diggers in a very big facility in the desert (5)

3Story by a citizen about the right artist (9)

4Had a good time, finding happiness in renovated Eden (7)

5Tag given to research area by Spanish (5)

6Warned about unusual education (9)

7Sailor with money upsets boy (6)

10A sharp one in a knife is an advantage (4)

14Nimbus puts sun god in something gloomy (4-5)

16A banal tour arranged in Mongolia (4,5)

17On books, they are aimed at attracting readers (6)

18Healthy dish for one injured after aborted Indian exercise (7)

19Swelling familiar to Indian motorists (4)

20Two parties with one square-dance figure (3-1-3)

22Mountain full of massive stone (5)

24A facile rendering turns up to reveal a memorial (5)