Solution topuzzle 10688


1Old-fashioned customer left outside an opening (7)

5Cultivates receding species around loch (7)

9Revive with right cure administered during period of relaxation (9)

10Balanced lady in the fifties (5)

11Deer injected with such uncapped syringe (6)

12Model state partners pubs! (7)

14Enthusiastically laud downfall (4)

15Seek out Dad in response to this call? (4,2,4)

19Instrument to scale originally oversized drawing, blow up? (10)

20Speed generally gives superiority (4)

22Plays at that place outside (7)

25Audible expression of relief after mutt’s restriction on movement (6)

27It is communal anyway (5)

28Cardinals convert me in moving scene (9)

29Superfluous of course, pointless advantage (7)

30Mechanic shifted gears with hesitation (7)


1Out of line state back on track (4)

2Warden in China receives me royally to reciprocate assistance (9)

3Loaded nut earlier to improve value (6)

4On journey playfully greet juggler (9)

5Minor stroke, pity, take heart (5)

6Blank frame, movie coming up? (8)

7One who is not on the take? (5)

8Sprinkler for seasoning stale shark at sea (4,6)

13Stamps and checks eating utensils (10)

16But for Peter switching position with Charlie, would be pregnant! (9)

17Viewers for upmarket car, hence top folded before start of show (9)

18Songlike love note with jerk disturbs friend (8)

21Note in cap has direction to remain still (6)

23Fish always found in lake? Quite the contrary (5)

24Smooth small squares (5)

26Public official’s son invading pitch (4)