Solution to puzzle 10687


1Accept counter boy’s carriage (6)

4Very quiet priest boarding Buddhist sect’s transport (8)

10Recover most of a serving dish after a bowler returned (9)

11Moved back and forth and twice relinquished some independence (5)

12Prior to baby nearly convulsing (5)

13Blooms on the edge right inside air station’s summit (9)

14Observe a clerestory (7)

16Gather overlooking a valley (4)

19A cross beam picture (1-3)

21Dress to arrive outside the centre of a masquerade (7)

24Vocal slander needed to check malignancy perhaps (4,5)

25Spirit of a four-leaf ritual (5)

26Ethnic Chinese group circle India’s capital (5)

27An engineer, not completely taken in by an attack from the East, can become invisible (9)

28Ducks for Communist leaders (8)

29One in France accustomed to be fresh (6)


1Cutting words playing havoc with Sam’s scar (8)

2Last ivory support (8)

3Feed at home before a throw (5)

5Equalising time (7)

6Feeble without electricity? (9)

7Generous menial beginning to go out (6)

8Does he prefer to be in a natural state everywhere? (6)

9A horse sometimes used to complete a circuit (6)

15A wicket’s spin characteristic, say (9)

17Divides houses (8)

18Risked against teeth rotation (8)

20Gave in and stopped the ball with your head instead of foot (7)

21Brief, half casual bow (6)

22Undefiled woman sheltered by Homer (6)

23Spread out semi-circularly for some junior scouts, going North, following an admirer (6)

25Tree like enclosure (5)