Solution to puzzle 10686


1Residing dangerously close to fighting area (8)

5Notice something wrong? Help! (6)

9Smartest kind of spring bed (8)

10One following God’s way to benefit (6)

12It’s not for birds though (2-3,4)

13I had to stay back in the island — missed the boat! (5)

14Sex & the City (4)

16The odour said to be awful (6)

18Trip and stumble afterwards (6)

20Lone individual, we hear (4)

24Theatrical production/work on stage (5)

25Bat always for a criminal (9)

27Write and edit in

turns (6)

28Man’s eating veal at first followed by similar chopped meat (8)

29Tile worker’s fillers (6)

30Venture into cooking best cuts of meat (8)


1Band’s hit singles (7)

2Zero gains in Nifty, sorry to tell (6)

3Perverse and definitely not English (5)

4Marshal’s influence (7)

6Lad is upset about girl’s rejection (9)

7Current iMac’s ground breaking — nothing unfriendly (8)

8Butcher both men without a bid of heart and bury (6)

11Present tennis player? Not quite (4)

15Stone made from mostly real basalt (9)

17Group’s genre evolving with time (5,3)

19, 21Musicians in serious trouble (4,7)

20Befriend a nerd, say (7)

22Country backing and supporting one upcoming conservative party (6)

23Old star wearing silver coat (6)

26The King lives in danger (5)