Solution topuzzle 10681


1Detectives put footwear into broken mugs (8)

5Friend goes back up carrying a broken pot to get a computer (6)

10Type of column ratio Nicholas concealed (5)

11These mathematical bits can sometimes be vulgar (9)

12Cut duty (6)

13Marsupial put zero money around point of sale (7)

15Praiseworthy quality of restructured timer (5)

17Try a space shuttle (9)

19Send wireless message to Indian village to make an erstwhile piece of audio equipment (9)

20Adolescence means support in front of partners (5)

21Hot apes ran amok at a place where hot scones are sold (7)

23Greek letter obtained by American lawman following Mary’s follower (6)

26Cockney hamster goes before barrier? Capital! (9)

28Sangh scrambled to grind teeth (5)

29Condition where something is not utilised when one sun disintegrates (3-3)

30Develops (putting ten in place of five), mutates and bursts (8)


1Dirt found when General Electric absorbed retrograde Russian space station (5)

2Doctor’s claim about male patient successfully treated with beautifully treated hands (9)

3Cuts irregularly at mediocre writers (5)

4Magical creature found at the end of a bookshelf (3)

6Roast tuna mix usually sent on space trips (9)

7Gimlets, screwdrivers etc., from a teetotaller’s viewpoint (5)

8Stamps stamps found on postal covers (9)

9Army officer gets over bad mood and finds the chief steward (9)

14Four-legged structures strewn near sea walls post trade reconstruction (9)

15Tom Sawyer creator said to be two fathoms deep in water (4,5)

16Lets shoot around without biting power (9)

18When someone has fallen off the ship, shout this after you shout ‘Man’(9)

22Fire-raising by headless clergyman (5)

24Divine messenger once heard of at the world’s highest waterfall (5)

25Burnt remains to which to return to (5)

27A thousand and nine Romans blend in (3)