Solution topuzzle 10677


1With sales force managed to cover shortest distance (2,3,4,5)

10Farm machinery put in the bomb alert (5)

11Wicked characters unsafe around Rio (9)

12Material arrived shortly on block, we are told (7)

13The Yankee and the French follow others to arrange it all over again (7)

14Shoots up a short line (5)

16Epics tend to be rewritten and checked (9)

19Turn setter around, he makes her show you your place (9)

20Party hire will put out the fire (5)

22Rested when asked again (7)

25It is sweet to find Malcolm regularly involved in growth (7)

27Homeliver I see is lifeless (9)

28British woman makes a mark (5)

29Campaigning on line, Greece got it all wrong (14)


2Sailor landed a month before in an effort to secure our freedom (9)

3Employer gets angry within an hour (5)

4Study what is written and sign up (9)

5Present man has authority but not in charge (5)

6Last staff member who is mostly regular in the estate (9)

7Ridicule Pierrot regularly over Gotham (5)

8Hang the expense with American participation (7)

9A god of merriment bans child doing some basic maths…… (6)

15…… Because the crew has second vision (9)

17Perhaps space and time oddly called as show (9)

18Billy had time to escape with the guerrilla operating from behind (9)

19One country gets another country’s precipitation reportedly (7)

21Small island said to allow a rope through (6)

23Search for a soft dress (5)

24Wild one in a trading office (5)

26Some months end with some warmth (5)